Our Story


We are two moms, two aquarians & soul sisters that love adventure and spontaneity. We are excited to share our soul sister travel journeys with other women to inspire how you can live life to the fullest. We can all live a life and achieve our wildest dreams!

It’s ironic that we met our perfect soul sister at the airport. This is where our friendship and journey as soul sisters all began! Because we were not only connected as soul sisters, but also connected with our love for traveling. Our conversation that first day led us to discover that our lives were running on the same path. We both had just given birth to our first born children and 2 years later we would be pregnant with our second children together. We also had both grown up in the same town in Glenview, Illinois and moved to Durango, Colorado. Although we are 10 years apart we continue to have the same view points and dreams and aspirations in life. As Ashley’s life took her and her now 4 children to move many times, we were still able to find a way to continue to connect through our travels. Our soul sister connection couldn’t be stronger. The purpose of our blog is to inspire women to find the time and make travel together a life long journey. Even if your soul sister lives miles away or over an ocean, it is doable. No matter the children’s schedules or the craziness that makes you say, “there is just not enough time to do that.” Embrace your soul sister and start packing your suitcases!

Jenny & Ashley