Soul Sisters and Suitcases is a boutique travel company that provides a travel community for women who are ready to awaken their inner strength and expand their horizons through a unique way of travel. Through intimate connection and authentic experiences our goal is to inspire women to take time to refocus, replenish and reconnect with their inner soul and their soul sisters.

Soul Sisters and Suitcases was created as an effort to inspire women to take time to live life to the fullest, become mindful, find balance, step away from our busy lives to reconnect with ourselves and sisters, achieve freedom and make it happen by taking a leap to live presently, while discovering wholeness. Our guides share a style of travel that provides an opportunity for sharing in laughter and lightheartedness, discovering personal growth and nourishing our souls through the journey and the experience.

If you’ve dreamed of getting away from your busy life to take time out for yourself, relax, let your hair down, reawaken your passions, nourish your soul, expand your horizons, roll over and laugh from the pit of your belly and just have fun in a community of soul sisters, then follow our journeys and join our community!