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Soul Sisters & Suitcases is a boutique travel company that is geared towards inspiring, helping, and connecting women and planning trips & travel experiences for groups or individual women. We curate travel experiences for women who love to adventure.  Our mission is connecting women through travel and we are committed to the highest level of customer service. We listen carefully to your ideas and desires and help you select the ideal travel destination perfect for you and your soul sister adventure. Our getaways take you on a journey to exciting destinations, will give you an opportunity to learn new skills, try new adventures, immerse yourself in culture and most importantly bond with lifelong soul sisters! Whether it’s a resort, far away villa, all-inclusive, luxury cruise line, a quick weekend getaway or beyond we will provide you outstanding concierge service.  

Soul Sisters and Suitcases supports women of all age demographics. Our platform is of interest to women of all walks of life. Our target market is focused on young women just graduating high school going on a  first girls trip before parting ways to college, women in their 20’s – 30’s  that are wanting to explore independently or with friends to places they have always wanted to explore and adventure to, women with families who need to time escape with girlfriends to find a chance to support each other and find relaxing trips to reenergize during the busy years of motherhood and raising families and working, women who may be in the throws of divorce, life changes, widowers, empty nesters and women who are retired. The greatest thing is that we want to connect women of all ages to learn, grow and support each other while getting to have the experience of traveling.