Escape to Malibu

With an abundance of adventures from small quaint coastal towns, forest & mountain retreats to the bustling cities there are endless possibilities in California. We are about to share the hidden gems of the Malibu, Cali coastline.

Words cannot express the natural splendor to Malibu’s coastline.  There is a laid back lifestyle with a true beachy vibe to experience while visiting the Malibu coastline.  From famous instagrammer’s beach stop offs to impeccable restaurant choices, this is one place to gather with your lady friends for a weekend getaway.


The 150 feet staircase that descends from the bluffs to El Matador State Beach provides a glimpse of the beautiful beachfront. Once on the sand, seek out the sea arch, incredible rock formations that you can walk beneath and play in the coastal caves. Sunsets are amazing both from the beach while listening to the waves crash in and from high on the bluffs south of the arch. Make sure to bring some appetizers and a bottle of wine to take the full experience in.


This dramatic landscape has been featured in many iconic films for its cliffs, rocks formations, and stunning waters. Spending time on the beach with the ladies is the best place in Malibu for gray whale watching, and on a clear day a glimpse of Catalina Island in the distance.


Next to El Matador State Beach, the tide pools and sea caves at Leo Carrillo State Park is where you can discover starfish and an abundance of sea life. The beach is framed by cliffs on either side with waves crashing the rocks.  This is an amazing place to do some exploration. You may come across seals, hermit crabs and other marine life as you stroll the coastline. Make sure you have water shoes to keep your feet protected.

Nest on the agenda, check out a unique destination where you can experience a true wine safari! Need we say more? Who doesn’t love animals & wine!


Vineyards are a beautiful backdrop to a souls sisters getaway, but when you add exotic animals to the picture it gets even more exceptional. Malibu Wine Safari offers 1,000 acres of vineyards and a collection of four-legged residents from alpacas, zebras, giraffes, bison, and camels. Sip local wines while you snap photos with animals joining your party!

Ready for true healthy farm to table dining?


From undeniable organic cuisine to the beautiful décor and Pacific backdrop, Malibu Farm restaurant is the perfect place to gather with your soul sisters while sitting on the pier watching the beautiful sunset while having cocktails & eating dinner made with the finest ingredients.

Want to feel like a local? You can’t leave Malibu without eating a true seafood experience!


If you are a seafood junky like we are, you will not be disappointed with a low key dinner on PCH at Malibu Seafood. They have everything you could imagine on their menu from tuna, salmon, cod to shellfish and more!


One of the most beautiful campuses overlooking the golden coastline. It’s a must to take a quick drive through the campus to see where you could have studied during your college years!

You may have not seen everything in Malibu, but you have covered a lot of turf. Make sure you do not leave until you get a least one hike in on this getaway!


Take a leisurely hike 3.8 miles roundtrip will bring you to the tallest waterfall in the Santa Monica Mountains. This 150 Escondido Falls descends over three tiers of rock. A true treasure and a site not to be missed!


So you may be wondering where to stay in Malibu. If you are really looking for a high caliber getaway we recommend checking out Malibu Beach Inn.  This boutique hotel is located along a strip of coastline nicknamed Billionaire’s Beach and has all the amenities that a group of soul sisters could desire for a weekend getaway.


If you are looking for something more low key and moderately priced, we suggest staying at the Malibu Country Inn. This is a place to listen to sounds of waves crashing to the shoreline, the palm trees swaying back and forth and take in the luxurious surrounding aroma from the beautiful flowers. This newly renovated Inn is a true California oasis offering a sense of tranquility and serenity.

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