Soul Sisters Birthday Getaway in Telluride, Colorado

Everything always goes full circle when you have a soul sister! Ashley finally made it back to her roots where we met many years ago. It was Ashley’s 30th & Jenny’s 40th birthday celebration. Time to get the party started! It is so convenient that our birthdays are only 7 days apart. Lots of celebrations to come!

Off for an overnight to one of our favorite places on the planet, The Peaks Spa and Resort in Telluride, Colorado.  Truly a paradise submerged in the San Miguel Mountains. As we joked about our age difference and Jenny hitting the 40’s with our hilarious sayings fun in forties, fine in forties, foofy in forties, etc…, we tried on a variety of fanciful apre ski hats for a brief photo session before attending our luxurious spa day.


Not only were we escaping away in paradise because it was our birthday celebration, but all moms deserve a quick getaway and time for themselves in a relaxing setting without the daily chaos of life.

As usual our day was filled with so many unexpected situations from interesting massagers to running into old acquaintances in our robes. Never a dull moment on our soul sisters getaways.

After a full spa day and feeling like brand new women, we went to our hotel room to get ready for our night out. We were looking forward to getting the party rolling. After a lovely dinner at the Cosmopolitan, martini’s, sushi and more, we wandered through the lovely town of Telluride to see what was happening. It seemed to be a sleepy Telluride night and we thought to ourselves, this may be a quiet night after all. But just when we think the night doesn’t have a lot to offer, the party begins every time!


We began the night out at the New Sheridan Hotel Bar, where we were lured into doing some shots of patron to celebrate our birthdays. This wasn’t our final destination of the night. We wandered to a few other places, where we eventually found a goofy band that brought on some goofy dancing….The night carried on and on……

The next day we were so bummed we had to return back to Durango, Colorado where Ashley had to fly out that afternoon. We thought what if she missed her plane and we got to stay an extra night, but we knew that wasn’t going to really happen. As we head up the mountain pass, it started to snow and it was going to be a treacherous ride out of Telluride. It was a white out blizzard on top of Lizard Head pass and I noticed that many cars were turning around. We were flagged over by another vehicle that informed us that there was an avalanche just up the road that covered the pass and cars had to turn around and head back to Telluride. YES! Our dream was about to come true! Stuck in traffic we noticed kite skiers that were launching 25 ft in the air. It was a site that completely blew us away!


As we headed back to Mountain Village in Telluride to figure out the next step, we thought why not go back to The Peaks Resort & Spa to regroup. As we pull up, the bellman opened the door and remembered us as guests of the hotel. Mother nature knew that the soul sisters needed another day of rejuvenation before heading back to reality.

The spa attendants couldn’t believe our story that we were almost trapped in an avalanche and they graciously let us back in for another day to recuperate from our tragic experience.  Our only major concern was how to get Ashley rebooked for the next day. What not a better way to rebook then sitting in a robe in a yummy smelling spa with cucumbers on your eyes! This is how we roll and get the party restarted!

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