San Fran MFA Graduation

In the chaos of daily life…(work, kids, family, school, etc), we often forget that taking time with our friends and even your soul sister is so necessary. Whether a night away, three-day getaway or a longer far away journey to a destination you have always wanted to go, it’s important to embrace your soul and love for traveling? Every mom needs this time to get away. We know it’s not easy to make it happen, but rest assured you MUST take this time to replenish your soul.

We have been on many quick one nighters, but our first three-day journey away from Ashley’s 4 kiddos and Jenny’s 2, was to San Francisco for Jenny’s MFA graduation from The Academy of Art University.


Nothing better then spending your MFA graduation weekend with your soul sister in San Francisco for a weekend getaway! Timing was perfect! We both arrived at the SF airport within in minutes. We were definitely ready to get the weekend rolling with all of our exciting adventures we had planned. First on the agenda – graduation! We anticipated a mellow evening to settle in and get some dinner, but as Aquarian soul sisters we always tend to fly by the seat of our pants not knowing what lies ahead. Always meeting people on our path, the night evolved into a CRAZY 80’s dance party.

It always blows our minds how much we can conquer without our children. From art galleries, yummy seafood at the Fisherman’s Wharf, trolley rides and rolling into a naked bike race in China Town and strolling through Haight-Ashbury we really covered some turf our second day out and about. After such an amazing day, a little rejuvenation was necessary before we hit the town for the evening.



Even in the most stressful of situations which was not being able to conquer our second part of our itinerary. We always know everything all works out in the end. Nobody told us we couldn’t cross the Golden Gate Bridge during the 75th year anniversary when we had planned to hit the Vineyards for a couple of days. Forced to check out of our lovely boutique hotel in SF and with the city being the busiest of times, we were told all hotels in the city were completely booked. We laughed to ourselves thinking…”here we go again no hotel.”

Strolling down the city streets with bags in hand, we thought oh geez, how did this happen. As soul sisters, we always see hope and light at the end of the tunnel knowing things will end up just fine. With that being said, we decided to just waltz into a Marriott and pray that had a room for us. Just our luck, someone had canceled and we got a room! Hurray! A huge sigh of relief! Let the night-time festivities begin!

That evening we had a yummy Mediterranean meal followed with lots of drinks closing down the restaurant. Even though the restaurant closed, they let the soul sisters stay for many more cocktails. On our way back to the hotel, we were joking with a group nice guys who had a box of pizza. As we are always socializing and meeting fascinating characters, it ended up that we were all staying at the same hotel. We celebrated Jenny’s MFA graduation with them with a champaign toast and a ride to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge watching the sunrise! What a great last night to end a huge accomplishment of graduating, spending it together as soul sisters and feeling accomplished! The hardest part about our exciting and crazy adventures is always saying our goodbyes at the airport. But then we remember, we can always start planning our next getaway!



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