Moms in Miami

Nothing beats a girls birthday getaway somewhere WARM! February is truly a great time to escape away somewhere tropical where there is a beach, outdoor adventure, Key Biscayne Festival of Music & Dance –, amazing food, cocktails and a spa at the Ritz Carlton – We always plan something new each day to conquer the ideal getaway!

This adventure began by meeting up at the Chicago O’hare Airport where we started the celebration with a toast of vino and selfies.


We could hardly wait to arrive at the Miami Airport. Upon arrival, we hopped into a cab to arrive at the strangest place we could ever imagine. We thought we were checking into our amazing hotel called The Clinton – supposedly a small boutique hotel with a rooftop pool and views of the ocean.

Rule # 1 – make sure your hotel is what you think it is. Especially arriving at midnight in Miami when there is literally no alternative options of a place to stay.

As we headed to our room, we felt as though we were walking into a neon lit retro sex club. Strange men were glaring at us as we rolled our suitcases through the dark creepy hallways. There were signs on the doors with a naked man and the next room a naked woman. We could hardly believe this was the start of our getaway.


Yes, we had to enter this scary room and settle in for the night.


BED BUGS! Did someone say bed bugs yuck! We slept like we were camping out all bundled up in our coats, so we wouldn’t have to touch our skin to any part of the nasty bed.

The next day we had big plans to head to Key Biscayne Festival of Music & Dance – First and most importantly was finding a new hotel and getting refunded from the one we had booked. After an hour of arguing with the front desk lady, we were free and clear from the Clinton Hotel and we sat down to get a yummy breakfast and figure out our plan of action.


Being without a hotel in Miami, we were not gonna let this ruin our vacation. It always starts with a yummy cocktail and this time it was a mimosa.


We remembered a recommendation for a boutique hotel called Hotel St Augustine – Just how things typically roll for us, we got the last room available and it was pimped out with a crazy spa shower! We couldn’t be happier!


After breakfast we checked into our new hotel (just like what we had imagined and it was even closer to the beach!). We quickly dropped our stuff off, showered and off we went to Key Biscayne ready to start our first wild adventure of our Miami trip!

(a smaller venue then we imagined, but it was a fun one)

The cab driver dropped us off in the middle of nowhere. We stumbled upon this tiny festival on the beach with yoga, music and coconut water! Now this is what we had in mind!




We had planned to spend all day at the festival, but it got a bit chilly and we weren’t quite prepared. YES, I said cold in Florida! During our planning stage we had contemplated staying in Miami or Key Biscayne at the Ritz Carlton. We thought why not try to catch a cab to check out the hotel property, warm up and grab some lunch.

We arrived at the most stunning hotel ever! We thought why in the world did we not stay here. We walked into the Ritz like we owned the place. Free wine, hot tubs, beachfront, champaign and a FREE limo back to the festival! Now this is how  we roll…from hippee to high class!


Back to the yoga hippee fest like celebs pulling up in our limo, we danced the night away, met interesting peeps and finally we were able to cab it back to our quaint little hotel at 4 am. Yes, this is the typical Miami bedtime and little late for two moms.

The rest our trip involved relaxing at the beach, visiting many of the amazing South Beach Miami hotels, eating tons of amazing food and dancing til all hours of the night!

We ate at the most amazing Mediterranean restaurant Meze Aegean Bistro a few blocks from the St Augustine Hotel. We had the nicest and cutest waiter who served us like we were queens! We went there twice since the service and food was phenomenal. Highly Recommend!


After we ate dinner at 11:30 pm, our evening started at Mangoes. We were informed that this was the hot spot to go salsa dancing. As we head in, we looked at each other and thought, there is no salsa dancing happening here. It must have been the Cheetah Girls party night because everyone was dressed half naked in some kind of cheetah attire.



The show began on the bar top and money began flying in the air! WOW! We were definitely NOT dressed like the norm and stood out in the crowd. But that never stops us from dancing the night away! We will leave it at that.

Next day was packed with shopping, amazing food, pool hopping and the beach! Yes, we got our Miami BLING on!


Our last night in Miami, we thought we would have an early dinner and get a good night sleep so we could take advantage of our last day at the beach before heading to the airport. Ha! We ran into some friends from the night before that tried to lure us to a crazy beach party. We contemplated, but we had to adventure on with something we hadn’t seen or done during the trip.

We head on over to the Delano Hotel! Wow – this is hotel is so urban, unique and luxurious. Not a soul around at 2 am,  we decided to start our own photo shoot, ride their bikes around the lobby and take sometime to chill in their cabanas. #delano-hotel


Last day of our trip was approaching and we had a lot to conquer our last day in Miami. The beach was our priority for our last day. Can’t return to the cold weather without a tan. South Beach is loaded with great people watching, relaxation, craziness, amazing food and a ton of adventuring! Can’t wait for our next Florida adventure to the keys!


#southbeach #livingthesouthbeachdream #keybiscayne

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